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The Vitiligo Society of South Africa (VSSA) is attempting to link up Vitiligo Societies of every country on the planet.

If you are an executive committee member of a Vitiligo Society of your country please get in touch with the VSSA ( the following details:

Name of your organisation

Name of President of your organisation

Name of Secretary

Contact details (if patients wish to joint your society)


      Contact person

      Telephone number of contact person

      Email address of contact person

      Facebook page



      Any fee to join?

As countries respond to our invitation, their details will appear on this page.

To join the Vitiligo Society of South Africa, please go the home page of the VSSA website:

Fill in your details above the subscribe button, then click subscribe.

You will receive an email to confirm your subscription.

Please confirm.

There is no fee to join the VSSA. All are welcome.

You may of course unsubscribe at any time.                                                                      

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